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Dynamic nature of Showcase allows dealer networks to increase efficiency, movement and customer loyalty at any particular dealership. With an increase in features and customisation, appealing nature of Showcase will maximise the selling of approved OEM and aftermarket products.                                            

  • Supports PC and Tablet devices
  • Multiple authorisation levels
  • Quick reference guide capability
  • Dealer catalogue download facility
  • Includes in-built support/help desk functionality
  • Contains New and Used vehicles
  • Individual dealer pricing
  • Fitment times can be adjusted
  • Client wish lists can be created and amended
  • Promotional packs can be created and amended


The platform incorporates security access for individual user accounts maintained by the dealer network backed up by Clifford Thames support services.

Supporting a wide range of devices such as desktop PC's, laptop PC's, tablets and smartphones.


Complementary feature to use with smartphones allowing all authorised dealer network staff access on the move.


Dynamically tailored compilation of desired accessories created to personalise client’s new vehicle. 

Wish lists are visible to all sales personnel and can be changed as per customer’s requirements and incorporates dealers unique pricing strategy.

All selected accessories will be deposited to a specially generated wish list where by the dealer can print out a listing of all selected products that include dealer details, sales person and client together with high resolution photo, part numbers and pricing.


Special promotional packs are available for the dealership to create a pre-packaged selection of vehicle accessories as a marketing device for sales of a specific vehicle. It is an exclusively selected package designed for your customer’s vehicle. With adjustable times integrated, dealer networks have flexibility to tailor their pricing for accessory packs and sell with convenience.

Promotional packs allow for dealer networks to create their own modified packs to differ from other OEM dealers. This tool is an incentive for the sales team to increase their motivation of aftermarket sales via bundles. Promotional packs pois as an opportunity to dramatically increase the revenue through upselling. 


The platform allows instantaneous upload of accessories once authorised by the OEM to the complete dealer network which inspires dealer confidence in product offering.


Vehicle manufactures can increase sales revenue with the aid of an increased product offering.

The platform facilitates multiple OEM strategies which allows for the expansion of product offering to include desirable accessories that are currently not a part of the OEM range.

Allowing the inclusion of non OEM brand products gives the dealer greater choice whilst insuring the vehicle manufacturer keeps control of the product offering also insures OEM benefits from the extra sales revenue which otherwise would not be there.

This is an essential tool for dealerships as there is no limit to product offering. Essentially dealer networks and their customers will have a wider range of options to choose from, giving better satisfaction to all.


Showcase gives dealers the freedom and accessibility to completely customise their pricing structure, from individual and group parts pricing, to fitment time and labour cost. Dealers have the ability to adjust OEM labour time to their own preferred dealer labour time at the OEM's discretion. 

Alternate pricing strategies can include standard, VIP, fleet rates dependant on customer requirements. This gives the dealer freedom and confidence to take control of their own pricing objectives, help meet targets and energise their sales force. 


Support is given for multiple authorisation levels of access to include the following

  • Administration - ability to control dealer detail and pricing strategy
  • Consultants - ability to select pricing strategy, create wish lists, promotional packs and download catalogues
  • Guest - ability to browse product offering

Each individual dealer controls the access level of its sales force reducing complexity.


Showcase also features a simple in-built help desk system that acts as a help/support desk for all this ensures a prompt resolution to any dealer or product related query.

The dealer network can track their individual tickets and the corresponding solutions provided.

This enables anyone who may have query or question to send through a ticket 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Responses will be dealt efficiently and in a timely manner.