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Dealerships are often faced with the difficulty of being tasked to upsell and turnover vehicle manufacturer products and aftermarket accessories for purchased vehicles. This is hampered by the fact dealers are being restricted and limited to a one make fits all brochure, online and/or soft copy. What makes Showcase unique, is that dealer networks are able to have real time, dynamic information on exactly what is available for purchase by the customer.

This will ultimately mean a greater exposure for any and all key custom features client may be interested in. The overall visual aspect of having accessories on Showcase will help the sales department to actively increase their targets and goals, meaning an increase in revenue and turnover for the dealer network.

Although there is a decreasing number year on year of new vehicles sold, Showcase has proven to be an asset to manufacturers to sustain and increase profits per new vehicles sold.


Customer satisfaction is the key in any business environment. Happy customers lead to high retention and with Showcase generating high efficiency, the overall performance of the dealer network will lead to greater customer satisfaction.

The ergonomic layout of Showcase brings forward an efficiency level that will continue to grow. Sales staff within the dealership will find the layout extremely attractive making them want to continuously and actively use it. Illustrations both text and pictorial are made available that give the customer a visual aspect of exactly what they are purchasing.

Current Satisfaction Statistics


As showcase is not a Clifford Thames branded site, it allows for full customisation on layout and design. Customisable skins with OEM logos and branding are available for all vehicle manufacturers who request unique layout.

Showcase allows for vehicle manufacturers to customise and change the layout of their brand site throughout should there be any updates and redesign of logos. Continues maintenance of Showcase will be carried out daily by Clifford Thames. We understand that having live information is key and that means updates on all and any information. Examples of such updates would include:

  • New and used vehicles
  • Part description and information
  • IT support and maintenance
  • Content and text
  • Unique tailored skins
  • Dealership Logos   


Showcase’s ergonomic and user friendly interface allows for easy access to information about vehicles, accessories and individual parts. Having live information to exactly what that particular dealer has in stock and for exactly how much, prevents the case of a customer coming in wanting to personalise their past vehicle and not leaving empty handed or waiting around until the sales person can get the information, which usually takes forever. Showcase allows the sales person to have immediate access to the information required via mobile, tablet or desktop.


Australian Market Focus

The accessory aftermarket is worth a total of $11.2bn within Australia, vehicle manufacturers and associated dealerships struggle to acquire the largest portion of the divided market share.

Showcase delivers an excellent opportunity for vehicle manufacturers and dealership networks to have a much larger upset and return on accessories and increase revenue. Having the ability to include features which could have a substantial effect to their business, allowing for a higher volume in upselling vehicle manufactured products as well as a possibility of alternate supplier branded products.